• As of 20/01/2017 the Care Quality Commission has imposed conditions on our registration which require us to discuss your case with your regular GP before prescribing any opioid containing medication, irrespective of whether you have a regular GP. If you refuse consent for us to discuss your case we have been instructed that we may not prescribe. We are vigorously contesting these conditions which are grossly disproportionate and will cause serious harm to many of our patients. We deeply regret the distress this will cause but we must of course abide by the law. If you wish to voice your concerns to the Care Quality Commission please do so directly to Janet Ortega 03000 616161 case number MRR1-3244130932. You can also make a representation on our behalf by downloading the form and emailing it. Due to the large number of patients without a regular GP we have taken the decision to accept no orders opiate pain relief for the next few days until we can resolve this issue. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
    Please consider alternative non-opioid treatments that we can provide for: Neuropathic Pain, Inflammation Pain or Migraines.