• Magic Kegel - Twins from £27.99

  • Magic Kegel - Twins
  • Voice guided professional training courses to exercise your pelvic floor muscles.
  • The Magic Kegel Twins come with very clear instructions and is very easy to set up on your mobile - the app is a really good way of tracking your progress. They also come in a nice compact bag for transporting and are helpful to keep inconspicuously in your handbag.

    They are comfortable to use and discreet when wearing. The vibrations aren't always very strong, but they are definitely quiet. These Magic Twins are better to use when you have a spare five minutes to be somewhere relaxed and quiet.

    We think that this product is helpful for women generally wanting to strengthen their pelvic floor, rather than for women treating specific problems such as bladder weakness.

    We are currently able to ship pelvic floor exercisers to the UK only. Please contact us if you would like us to quote for delivery outside the UK on either +44 (0)1252 299 044 or admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk

    Magic Kegel - Twins are the smart way to exercise and train your pelvic floor muscles. The twins are lightweight, discreet and offer personal training courses.

    Features Include:

    • Real-time biofeedback.
    • Badges, rewards and game like interface & training programmes.
    • 6 personal training courses; Beginner, New Mum, Rejuvenated & Ready, Baby Plan, Honeymoon & Muscle Recovery.
    • Guided daily exercises which can track your progress.
    • The Twins work in App and None-App modes. iOS and Andriod compatible.
    • Lightweight design. Easy to wear and clean.
    • Voice, music or motion controlled.
    • USB rechargeable.
    • 100% water-proof so perfect for use in the bath or shower.
    • This device measures 8.4cm x 3.4cm x 3.4cm.
    • Using a waterbased personal lubricant can help your pelvic floor exercising by reducing friction for easier, smoother insertion.

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    Fitting your exerciser couldn’t be easier but initially getting used to it may take you a while so White Pharmacy also provide lubricants to help you get familiar with the product. In addition, our team have tried and tested the trackers and lubricants we sell so can support and advise you.

    Personal lubricants can offer many health benefits for your sexual wellbeing and can make your sexual experiences more enjoyable, especially for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. Using a Personal lubricant during sex can reduce friction, ease discomfort and heighten your pleasure, ultimately making sex more enjoyable.

    Personal Lubricants

    Personal lubricants can also help your pelvic floor exercising by reducing body friction and for easier product (pelvic floor exercisers) insertion.

    Even if you are not sexually active but suffer from vaginal dryness, moisturising lubricants can be used daily to relieve discomfort and restore moisture to the sensitive intimate tissues. White Pharmacy has extensively researched the current market and has chosen to work with two leading and trusted lubricant manufactures - YES Organic and Sylk. Both NHS approved and medically endorsed, we hope that you enjoy their natural & organic ingredients.