Account Details
A: Yes, we require every patient to have their own account so that we can keep an accurate medical history. If you live in the same household as someone else who has an account with us, you will need to create your own account.
A: In order to supply prescription only medicines, the GPhC have instructed us to ensure that we verify the identity of each and every person who orders from us. If we request ID, it is because we have not been able to verify your identity using LexisNexis. You may have moved recently or used a variation of your name when you placed your order. We can only dispense your order once we have received proof of your date of birth plus evidence of your address.
A: Once we have verified your identity using the documents you have sent through, all attachments are instantly deleted from our system. We do not share your ID or any other information with any other parties.
A: You can update details such as your telephone number, password, billing and delivery address from our Edit Account section. It is not possible to change the name on an account – the name on an account must match the verified identity of the person receiving medication from us. If you have legally changed your name please contact us initially by email to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk.
A: If you wish to change your email address you should send an email to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk using the email address currently registered to your account, containing the new email address you would like to change it to. We will inform you when this has been updated. If you no longer have access to the email address registered on your account, you will need to create a new account and after we have been able to verify that the two email addresses belong to the same person we will merge the medical information and order history into the new account. We take the confidentiality of your personal information very seriously.
A: To reset your password, please go to our Forgot Password page and submit the email address on your account. We will send you a link so that you can set a new password.
A: We regularly send emails to our patients to inform them of important updates relating to medication or office closures, as well as about current promotions and offers. It is important that White Pharmacy is added to your Safe Senders List. However, if you do not want to receive these emails then you can click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the emails.
A: We are unable to remove your records as we have to keep a medical record for all of our patients. We can however deactivate your account. If you would like to do so, please send an email to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk.
A: No, we will never share any information that a patient has provided us with to their GP without their consent unless we believe that the they may be a harm to themselves or others. In this case, we may contact your GP without your consent, but only in these very specific circumstances.
Placing an order
A: Log into your account, go to the medication that you would like to order. Click "Start Consultation", and go through the form, answering the questions in detail. Click "submit". After submitting the consultation, you will need to select the quantity you would like to purchase. Click "Add". You will see a message pop up to confirm that the item has been added to the basket. Click on the checkout link immediately above the Add button. Follow the prompts to select delivery options and make the payment. Once you have completed this process you will receive confirmation that your order has come through to us. Your prescription request will be passed on to our doctor and clinical team for review.
A: Yes. It is important that we have the most up to date information about your condition and how it is being treated so that the doctor can safely prescribe your medication and to avoid delays in processing your order. You should edit your consultation form to include things like recent visits to the GP or any new symptoms you may be experiencing. You can view your medical consultation by going to "My Account" and selecting "View My Patient Questionnaire", and you can then edit it. You can find an example of a medical questionnaire on the same page. Please note that if you have been asked to update your questionnaire after placing an order, you do not need to place another order.
A: We do not take payments over the telephone. If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card at the checkout you have the option of paying by bank transfer. Select this option at the Payment Required page and confirm that you wish to pay by bank transfer. You will then see confirmation that the order has been received and details of how to make the bank transfer, and will receive an email confirming these details. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we will only be able to process the order when payment in full, in British Pounds, has been received.
A: As soon as you place an order and make the payment, the money is set aside by your bank and held in your 'pending' payments. It will not leave your account until your order has been confirmed ready for dispatch.
A: You can view your order history by clicking on View Live and Previous Orders on the My Account page.
A: You can view the live status of your order at any time by clicking on View Live and Previous Orders on the My Account page. If we have sent you any emails regarding your order requesting further information prior to dispensing your medication, this will be indicated against the relevant item. Please check to see if you have received any emails from the dispensary.
A: We may hold your order for various reasons. You may have placed your order earlier than the limit for releasing opioid medication, the doctor may have asked for more information about your condition, or we may be waiting to receive documentation from you. Please read all emails carefully as they will tell you what we need from you so that we can dispense your order.
A: If you are planning on ordering restricted dose medication early, we would advise that you send an email with a copy of any documentation related to your travel (such as a flight or hotel booking confirmation) to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk. This information will be passed onto our clinical team for approval, and once approved, we will advise whether you can place an early order.
A: If you would like to cancel your order, please send an email to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk explaining why. Once we have cancelled your order, the money will be released back into your available funds within the next 5 working days. As the money was being held by your bank to be taken when your order is dispatched, it will not show up as a refund. Please note that cancellations incur a 15 GBP administration charge.
A:We deliver to all countries in the EEA; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Some countries have restrictions on what we can send. These countries are Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. Please contact us if you require more information.
A: UK standard delivery is free and to most areas of the UK, the standard delivery is next day. To European countries there is a small charge for delivery which is shown at checkout.
A: At the checkout, you will be provided with a list of delivery options available for the delivery address you have provided us.
A:If you would like to change your delivery option, such as to upgrade to a weekend delivery, then please call us on 01252 299 044 or send an email to admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk. If your order has been shipped with DPD, you can manage your delivery on the DPD website using the tracking number you have received.
A: Once your order has been dispatched we will send you an email containing your tracking number. The tracking number is also shown on the "my orders" page as soon as it available.
A: A You can track the progress of your items using the couriers website. If the tracking number contains only numbers, it has been sent with DPD and can be tracked at www.dpd.co.uk. If the tracking number contains a combination of letters and numbers, it has been sent with Royal Mail and can be tracked at www.royalmail.com/track-your-item.
A: Occasionally we may create two shipments for your parcel. This could be due to a required address change or an upgrade in the delivery service. If you receive this message from DPD, then you can find the correct tracking number on the My Orders page. If you are still concerned about the status of your delivery, please call us on 01252 299 044.