• May 23, 2016
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  • The wonderful thing about periods is that you can, to some extent, control them easily using period delay tablets. To do this you will need to know your regular cycle well and learn how it reacts to taking these types of medication. I do hope that some people may find reading about my experiences using period delay treatments helpful.

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    The first time I used period delay tablets (Norethisterone 5mg tablets) I was 21 and about to sit my final university exams. My period was due towards the end of the exam timetable, so three days before it was due I took the tablets three times a day. I was really worried that I may forget to take them but I found that if I was over an hour late taking one I would begin to get mild period type pains which was more than enough to remind me!

    Three days before I wanted my period to start, I stopped taking the tablets and hey presto my period started exactly as I had planned and not particularly heavier than usual as I had only delayed it by about 6 days.

    My second experience using Norethisterone was the following year during my pre-registration exams. I delayed my period for a week and then was going on a celebratory trip to America for three weeks, so in my stupidity thought it would be a great idea to delay my period for a whole month.

    As it happened I was so busy at work when I returned that I thought it would be alright to delay by a further week as I wasn’t suffering from any side effects. When my period arrived on cue, 5 weeks later than normal, I was very glad it was a weekend! It was so heavy - not like two periods at the same time (which is what I expected and didn’t mind so much as I had always had light periods), but instead, it was more like four periods simultaneously!

    Being 22 years old at the time and having only experienced liquid periods I was shocked and also quite frightened at losing large three inch clumps of my uterus lining. The sanitary towels of the early ‘90’s could not cope and I was literally a mess.  I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it at the time as I thought that as a pharmacist I should have known better. However no one had ever spelt out in plain English what would happen if I went over the recommended two week delay…

    So I am telling all of you now about my experiences so that you don’t have to go through the same thing!

    When I started the contraceptive pill I developed migraines. I stopped the pill after a year due to this side effect but the damage was done and the migraines remain to this day – 20 years later! What I noticed was that when I took Norethisterone my head felt so clear and ‘normal’.

    I now sometimes use it, not just because a period at a certain time may be very inconvenient, but because it helps me to have a clearer head during a stressful time. For example that might be whilst having house guests over;  they may be on holiday, but I am still working and trying the run the house at the same time!

    Several years later I used it whilst I was on pilgrimage in Mecca for one month. It worked well and I was certainly in a better position than many of the women there who did not know about this drug. However, I forever felt that my period was either just about to start or was a little anxious that I would lose the tablets. I decided that if I went on a long trip again I would rather have my period at the beginning and get it over and done with.

    I am off to South Africa in July for three weeks so will have a period at some point. I decided it would be better to have it during my first few days in Cape Town rather than when I am on safari. However, I also do not want to have a particularly heavy period which I will do if I delay it by two weeks. I have therefore adjusted the timing of the two periods before July very slightly so that on the plane I will be just having a regular light period. Perfect.

    I would love to talk to you about this if you have any questions or want to give Norethisterone a try but aren’t sure! Give me a call on 01252 299 044.

    Sara Abbas