• April 20, 2017
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  • Well how was your Easter weekend? Four days of bracing walks, healthy food and brain stimulating challenges like chess and family charades? Or, like most of us, four days of relief that we didn’t have to go to work, eating our own body weight in chocolate and binging on box sets?

    Perhaps you’re looking down at your tummy and are thinking it doesn’t look quite as cute as it does on an Easter bunny. Maybe you’ve booked your summer holiday and are looking to get into your Speedos in time to impress the ladies by the pool? Maybe you can’t see your pedicure when you look down at your toes?!

    I always think this time of year is a much better time to start making changes. New Year is a terrible time. It’s cold and miserable, you’ve got a house full of leftover food and are probably still in a grump after spending too long with the in laws. How about using this Easter as a spring board to start making some changes towards a healthier you?

    I’m not going to patronise you with advice. There’s an internet full of it. What I will say is steer clear of fads. They really, really don’t work. What I did do is ask a group of GP friends what they tell their patients and how they themselves lose weight when they pile on the pounds. Here’s what they had to say:

    • “It won’t happen without exercise” – NICE recommend being less inactive generally and if you’re safe to exercise building up to 30 mins five days a week. Also, be realistic about the calorie burn. The 45 minutes of Body Combat I did on Sunday will not have covered the Easter Egg calories I ate afterwards!
    • Try to identify triggers for eating, not the eating per se. Do you eat when you’re bored, stressed, tired etc.? Try to fit in other options such as water, chewing gum etc.
    • Make small changes that you can sustain over a long period. Weight loss and maintenance are tough so the changes need to be things you can genuinely keep going with.
    • Get a dog! Go out for daily walks or runs with them.
    • Reduce your alcohol intake during the week.
    • Cut out snacks.

    Boring, isn’t it?! There is no conspiracy in the medical community. We get chubby too and we also have to take action when our trousers get tight. We’re all in this together and your GP may be able to help to some extent but largely we have to take responsibility for our own waistlines.

    You may have heard of Xenical or Orlistat. It’s a product that is available from White Pharmacy and also on prescription from your doctor if you meet certain NHS criteria. It works by blocking fat absorption and can aid weight loss as part of an overall plan. Is it a wonder drug? No. Will it have you beach body ready for summer? Probably not. Will it help you lose pounds a bit quicker than diet and exercise alone? Maybe. This is the crux. It might just help tip the scales in your favour and give you that extra bit of motivation and impetus to keep going.

    Why don’t you have a look at our weight loss help and advice page and decide for yourself?

    Vicki Taylor is a 43-year-old doctor and mother of one. Having qualified from Manchester Medical School in 1998 she has worked in hospital specialities including Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology before settling on a career in General Practice in 2001. In her spare time, she likes to run in the hills above her home in Macclesfield and volunteers as a doctor for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. She’s not perfect though; she likes a glass of wine or two and can eat a whole packet of Jaffa cakes in one sitting.

    Dr Victoria Jane Taylor
    GMC number: 4538204

    Vicki Taylor - Blog Author
  • April 07, 2017
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  • In its recent press release the CQC acknowledged that, "Well-run online healthcare services can offer a convenient and effective form of treatment". This is especially true as the pressure mounts on GPs to treat patients in a timely fashion. Below you can see how White Pharmacy performs against the CQC’s guidelines:

    CQC advice for people using online clinics How White Pharmacy performs
    Check to see if the organisation is registered with CQC by looking on the CQC website or phoning 03000 616161 White Pharmacy was registered with the CQC in July 2015 and has been recently inspected. Details are on the CQC website.
    What is their address, are they based in England, UK or elsewhere? White Pharmacy is based in Farnham, Surrey. The address is on the website.
    How can you contact them if you have questions or concerns? White Pharmacy can be contacted by phone, email or letter. All contact details are on the website.
    How do they keep your information safe and who might they share it with? All information is encrypted and is only seen by White Pharmacy clinical staff. It is never shared with third parties.
    Are you clear how much the service will charge for the consultation, investigations, treatment or prescriptions? All prices are clearly shown on the White Pharmacy website. There are no hidden charges.
    Find out who works at the service and who you are dealing with. If they are based in the UK, check that their doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). There are photos of the White Pharmacy clinical team on the website together with their CVs. The doctors are all UK based, registered with the GMC and also work in the NHS. You can check on the GMC website.
    As part of the consultation process the doctor should:
    1. Verify that you are who you say you are White Pharmacy carries out ID checks on all customers using a third party organisation (Lexis Nexis). This is backed up with photographic evidence of ID if necessary.
    2. Ask you to give a detailed medical history, including important health problems (past and present), current medication and any allergies The comprehensive White Pharmacy online questionnaires, designed by NHS doctors, must be completed by all patients. It is reviewed by one of the pharmacy team and also by one of our doctors. If we require further information we may need to contact you by phone. Our aim is to ensure that we have sufficient, reliable data on which to base safe and appropriate prescribing.
    3. Ask your permission to share the consultation with your GP - they need to know about any medication or treatment you are getting Every patient is asked for their permission to inform their GP, if they have one, during the consultation process.
    If you receive a prescription have you been given clear information about the medicine, including:
    1. What it's for? This is explained by both the pharmacist and the doctor. On top of this there will be a patient information leaflet (PIL) in every package delivered. This information leaflet is also available on the website.
    2. When and how to take it? Apart from the PIL there will be instructions on the White Pharmacy label on the medicine box and on the website.
    3. What are the possible side effects? Side effects for all medicines are listed on the PIL and also on the website.

    Other important facts:

    White Pharmacy is also registered with the UK General Pharmaceutical Council and we were inspected on 31st January 2017. We received two “Goods” for our staff and their professionalism and every other aspect was “Satisfactory”.

    White Pharmacy has been given the EU MHRA logo proving that we are operating legally.

    To date White Pharmacy has received 1,073 independent reviews on Trustpilot with a score of 9.8/10.