NHS Patient Access

For general information about access to GP online services use this link:

GP online services

The NHS has approved four suppliers of GP online services but probably the most common is Patient Access from EMIS. For some background on this platform try this link:

NHS Patient Access

Whatever system your GP practice uses the easiest thing to do is phone the reception desk and ask them how you can sign up for GP online services.

Having gone through the registration process you will be able to book appointments and request your repeat prescriptions online as well as view your medical records.

You will have control over what information from your records you choose to share with us at White Pharmacy, but the minimum we will need is a list of:

  • your medical conditions;
  • the medicines your GP is prescribing for you, and
  • any allergies affecting you.

Rest assured that we will NOT share this information with anyone apart from our in-house medical team.

Regulations concerning online healthcare are changing but if we have the information mentioned above we should be able to supply your medication. Without it we will find it very difficult.

So, if you want White Pharmacy to continue to support you, please upload the above information to your account right away. If you need any help, please let us know by emailing admin@whitepharmacy.co.uk