About White Pharmacy

This short video explains how a legitimate Internet pharmacy, such as White Pharmacy, works. It demonstrates clearly the straightforward process and shows how convenient it is to use an online pharmacy for your prescription only medicines. UK doctors review the medical information supplied and, if appropriate, write an electronic prescription. White Pharmacy follows all UK regulations and only uses UK approved products. The pharmacy was inspected by the GPhC on 19th May 2014 and found to be compliant in all aspects.

White Pharmacy Limited is a fully registered Internet Pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Registration Number 1111986.

Each day, the Pharmacist and our team of trained assistants at White Pharmacy dispense prescriptions that have been ordered online by patients and approved for dispensing by an EU registered Doctor.

When receiving orders for prescription medication online it is a legal and ethical requirement for a medical questionnaire to be completed by all patients. In each case this is sent for confidential review to one of our qualified doctors. Once approved, a prescription is written and sent to our dispensary. In almost every case, when the prescription is received before lunchtime, the medication will be dispensed and shipped to you on the same day.

We only supply medicines that have been manufactured by licensed companies, and all are checked for expiry date and batch number. Furthermore, all medicines dispensed by us are fully traceable from the source of purchase from licensed Pharmaceutical Wholesalers such as Alliance Healthcare (http://www.alliance-healthcare.co.uk/). All of this is your guarantee that you can trust in the safety and effectiveness of any medication that you receive from us.

Once the selected medicines have had their expiry date and batch number checked, one of dispensary assistants checks the labels and the paperwork, affixing the labels on the medicine packs and the padded bags into which they are placed. As a final check, the pharmacist responsible for the dispensing writes their initials on each prescription label.

All this is done on the same day. We are able to offer a next day delivery service to most areas of the UK. Delivery time to EU countries is around 2-3 days. Please note that we do not ship to the USA or Canada.

All labels are marked “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” to ensure privacy. Our Internet pharmacy is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations laid down by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and we are regularly inspected by them to ensure that all aspects of our operation are in order.

We are fully insured with the National Pharmaceutical Association.

The pharmacy GPhC registration number is: 1111986

Superintendent Pharmacist: Sara Abbas

Registration Number: 2041641


Our Team

Vicki Taylor

Medical Director

Sara Abbas


Suzie Hayes

Pharmacy Manager

Oliver Whitford

Clinical Assistant

Janette Kingshott